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Concrete (of course) – our standard mix that we deliver is 32mpa with 6% air. Upon request we can change the mix design to one that is provided by the customer.

Our supplier of cement, from time to time, will do spot tests on our pours. This consists of the supplier taking cylinder samples of our concrete mix from a job site and sending them to a lab for testing. The lab does 3 different strength tests of the concrete over a 28 day period. One is done on the 7th day, the 14th day and the last is done on the 28th day. On the 28th day, our mix should be a 32mpa strength.

Canadian Ready Mix is quite proud to share with its customers that on the 7th day test, our mix design is already better than 32mpa and on the 28th day our strength is well beyond the 32mpa strength.

Concrete pricing is based on the amount you use and the delivery area. Please call 905-573-1212 for more details.

Air entraining admixture – 6% is standard for our mix. This produces millions of tiny bubbles in the concrete mix to protect it from our freeze / thaw cycles. This is included in our price.

Water reducing admixture – reduces the amount of water required in the mix thereby increasing its strength. This is included in our price.

Concrete Colour – Canadian Ready Mix uses a variety of colors for integrally coloured concrete. You can also pick up a colour chart from our yard. The price depends on the colour that you choose. The darker the colour the pricier it is. 

Fiber Reinforcement – this is a great product to add to your concrete while it is being mixed to help alleviate surface cracking. Some contractors use it in place of rebar and some contractors use it with the rebar. The choice is yours. 

3/8” Pea Gravel – this stone is used instead of the regular concrete aggregate to get the exposed aggregate look. 

Accelerating Admixture – this is used to speed the initial set of concrete. This is great for colder weather.

Color Chart


Color Chart