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Canadian Ready Mix

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Canadian Ready Mix

Canadian Ready Mix is a supplier of ready mixed concrete proudly serving Hamilton, Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe area. (Please see our complete service area listed below) Our standard concrete mix is 32mpa with 6% air. We can do custom mix designs. Upon request, we can add colour, fiber mesh reinforcement, 3/8” pea gravel for the exposed aggregate jobs, calcium, and other additives that may be needed for your job. For more details on our products go to the Concrete Products page.

How is Canadian Ready Mix different
from its local competition?

Work on concrete

With Canadian Ready Mix you can have your concrete delivered to your curbside, our volumetric mixers (see our equipment page) mixes the concrete onsite.

So it is fresh, it isn’t arriving too hot or already set-up. The best thing about our mixers is that they are capable of metering your ready mixed concrete so that when you have enough concrete for your job you tell the driver you are done and he prints out a ticket that tells you what you’ve used by the ½ meter. You pay for what you’ve used by the ½ meter not what you’ve ordered.

If you have a project such as a driveway, sidewalk or patio and want to get a little decorative why not use coloured concrete? Yes, Canadian Ready Mix can supply you with coloured concrete in standard or a custom color. Call a sales rep today they will be happy to assist you with all your concrete needs When it comes to ready mix concrete suppliers let Canadian Ready Mix be "The Concrete Choice". We will earn your business!